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An AI tool to find Thousands Of people on Reddit who are willing to React to your ideas, solutions, and products. It's a good place to discover trends, customers, and feedback. Built with GPT-4 and other AI technologies.

Discover related posts through logical reasoning
A Better Recommendation Algorithm Customized by You
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How Idea-Hunt Works: Discover Potential Customer Leads


Describe Your Product

Describe your product. This description will be used to match the relevance between your product and Reddit posts through two main steps:

1. The Idea-Hunt platform will perform a similarity comparison with Reddit posts to determine if the posts deviate significantly from your product description.

2. For those that pass the similarity threshold, a further comparison will be conducted using LLM's logical reasoning capabilities.

Knowledge Base (Beta)

Users can add product knowledge bases to the platform, which will be used for advanced post matching and comment suggestions.

Product Description

Add Subreddits

Idea-Hunt will monitor your selected subreddits and compare new posts to your product description and knowledge base. If a match is found, it will suggest that you comment on the post.

AI Suggestions (Beta)

If you're unsure which subreddits to add, Idea-hunt will suggest options based on your product description and knowledge base.

Brand Keywords (Beta & Optional)

Idea-hunt allows you to define key keywords like brand or technology names to find related posts outside your added subreddits.

Add Subreddits

Customize Matching Prompt

Idea-Hunt enables you to customize your matching rules to identify the best logical relevance between product solutions and industry pain points described in Reddit posts.

By refining your matching rules, you can more accurately identify your target audience and potential customer requirements. This increases your chances of converting Reddit users into paying customers.

Self-Service Matching Rule Optimization (Beta)

Idea-hunt can automatically tune your custom matching rules based on your upvote and downvote feedback.

Matching Rules

Getting Notified

Once a highly relevant post is discovered, it will appear on the Idea-Hunt dashboard, and you will receive an email notification.

Getting Notified

Comment Professional Solution in Post

Go to the highly relevant post and leave your professional solution to address the problem. Encourage people to upvote your comments, increasing the visibility of your solution and product to thousands of potential customers.

Comment Assistance (Beta)

Idea-Hunt can generate a comment for you by analyzing the post and your knowledge base.


Continuously Generate New Revenue

Idea-Hunt is an essential tool for marketing your product and business, whether you are a startup or a large company.


Why & How to Discover Leads on Reddit

Reddit hosts a vast number of active users who continuously share their needs, problems, and ideas, making it an ideal platform for discovering leads and validating ideas.

By leaving high-quality comments on posts that are highly relevant to your solution, you can engage with millions of potential customers accurately without incurring advertising costs or violating Reddit's rules. At the same time, you'll be contributing to the community.

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